Alpha Acoustic AcouCeLL – Hexa Felt Green (6 τεμ.)

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Alpha Acoustiki

Άμεσα (Αποστολή 1-3 εργάσιμες ημέρες)

Alpha Acoustic AcouCeLL – Hexa


Άμεσα (Αποστολή 1-3 εργάσιμες ημέρες)

αcouCell-Hexa is produced in its plain form and with a variety of felt faces. Our Felt face line adds a new look on the front side of the panel offering more aesthetic options.
By covering the front surface of the sound-absorbing material with a special sound transparent recycled polyester PET felt, we offer more color options in order to satisfy the special requirements of each project. The main acoustic core element is a honeycomb foam, with closed cells that are subsequently opened through partial perforation on both sides, which effectively traps sound and reduces the reverberation time, improving vocal clarity.

The face material:
The felt face is made of a carefully selected sound transparent felt with awarm appearance.
The felt face is attached on either a dark grey or a white Hexa panel to createa variety of color combinations. It is available in a collection of standard colors.


  • Color Matching
    Batch to batch variations in shade may occur with commercial tolerances. Photographic felt scans are not color accurate. Always request actual felt samples, before ordering.

αcouCell-Hexa is a honeycomb foam, in hexagon form. It has closed cells that are subsequently opened through partial perforation on both sides, which effectively traps sound and reduces the reverberation time, improving vocal clarity. Its original external appearance resembles, looked at from a distance, as granite relief surface (some people even simulate it as volcanic).

Acoustic performance:
The sound absorption index (αs) according to ISO 354.2003 per squaremeter is presented in the diagram on the right. The weighted sound absorption coefficient (αw) according to ISO 11654.1997 can be found in the following table:


Main characteristics:
High sound absorption especially in the mid frequency (human speech),low weight, fiber free, structurally indedent, moisture resistant, washable surface, fire retardant. The acoustic energy enters internally the cells stimulating the membranes of each cell converting this energy to heat.

Dimensions: 43.5 x 39 cm
Thickness: 50mm standard
Color: Dark grey standard /White on demand
Packing: Box of 6 pieces.
Fire rating: According to DIN 4102:B1, EN 13501-1 (B, S2 d0)
Water resistance: Provides unaltered and sustained acoustic
performance in wet or humid conditions.


Typical applications:
αcouCell-Hexa can be used in a variety of projects even in spaces with high humidity. They can be attached to the wall or ceiling to form patterns. They are typically installed in home Theaters, Recording & Post Production Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, Conference Rooms, night clubs, bars, offices, meeting rooms, swimming pools, mechanical rooms, restaurants etc.

Installation method:
Due to the light weight and its self- supporting structure of the panels it is very easy to be installed on site.

Step 1: The panels can be installed in contact to one another or leaving a gap and form compositions.
Step 2: Once the desired pattern is decided the positions of the panels on the wall or ceiling should be determined.
Step 3: Then, each piece can be glued with magnetic spray adhesive (ask us for information) or using mechanical fastening with suitable plastic anchors. 

Available sound absorbing area:
According to the selected installation method, the available sound absorbing area may be the front, the sides or also the back of the panel. For the 50mm thick standard hexa panels the front and back side area are 0.13m2 each. The side edges total area is 0.065m2. Therefore, if the panels are eg attached to a wall at a distance from each other the available sound absorbing are is 0.195m2 for each panel. The maximum sound absorbing area is achieved if all sides of the panel are visible e.g. when hang from the ceiling at a distance from walls or other surfaces

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